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We offer Surface Energy Analysis of Surfaces

Our Services

Our Services

Our Services

Our company develops bio-medical analytical devices, 

such as HemaDrop™ for its manufacturer, MicroDrop Diagnostics.  

HemaDrop™ is a new rapid blood diagnostics technology developed  & patented by SiO2 Innovates LLC to make Homogeneous Thin Solid Films (HTSF) from a few microliters of blood 

Within one single blood test, using about 10 microliter of blood, 

HemaDrop™ detects and  measure in mg/dL with an accuracy of better than 10%, all blood electrolytes (Na, K, Mg, Cl, Ca, S) in a single test.

In the same test, HemaDrop™ provides simulataneously 

Fe levels, blood oxygenation, CO2, and heavy metals,.

HemaDrop can detect metal poisoning and semi-metals including As, Co, Hg, Cd, and Pb, 

HemaDrop can also detected blood protein levels, level of hydration, calcium levels, etc.  with 10% accuracy. 

HemaDrop™ has a built-in calibration system of better than 3% accuracy to ensure better than 10% reliability of the blood analysis provided.

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Our Projects

Our Services

Our Services

We lead innovations at the intersection of phsyics and engineering, prototyping and manufacturing, technology and product design.

Our most recent projects include:  


InnovaDrop™  & MetallOx™

Rapid Analysis of Water Analysis (RAWA) uses yet another technology recently patented by iSiO2, called InnovaDrop™ 

Similar to HemaDrop™, InnovaDrop™  uses

just microliter-sized droplets of liquids. 

Unlike HemaDrop™, InnovaDrop™ is designed to ensure that the liquid droplet is rapidly precipitated.

InnovaDrop™ uses a new proprietary coating, MetallOx, on a patented small collection substrate.

The collection substrate is  designed to optimize micro-fluidics, accuracy, reliability, safety, portability, and to be benign for the environment.

InnovaDrop™ yields solidified thin films from water samples within minutes.

These thin films can be analyzed within minutes using a handheld device and a smartphone, hence the name RAWA.

InnovaDrop™ and RAWA are 100% portable, lightweight and can be deployed in the field, in the lab, or a manufacturing floor 

RAWA is especially useful for black water analysis, heavy metals water contamination and spills, and in radioactive  incidents involving water pollution such as Fukushima. 

Using just one 10 microliters droplet  of liquid and immediately solidifying the flattened droplets into thin films increases the safety of users  dramatically. 

Each collection substrate provides four sampling wells for up to four drops, to  insure measurements accuracy better than 3%.



Rapid Urine Micro-Analysis (RUMA)  uses  just a drop of urine.  which is rapidly precipitated on a collection slide and can be analyzed within minutes, whether in the field,  the Dr.'s office, the ER, the hospital, or refugee/military camps

The use of three drops increases accuracy and reliability of measurements to better than



About Us

Our Services

About Us

We are a semiconductor and medical device design, engineering, prototyping, testing, and small scale manufactruing  and IP company.

We incorporated in Phoenix, AZ in 2016.

Our principals include:

CEO, Founder, Owner.

ASU Prof. of Physics Emer. Nicole Herbots, 

Engineer, PhD in Applied Physics UCL (1984)

Co-Founder, Engineering & Materials Advisor

Dr. Shawn D. Whaley

Materials Engineer,

 PhD in Physics ASU 2011

Chief Medical Officer

Medical Device Engineering Advisor

Dr. Eric J. Culbertson



MD, U. of Wisconsin - Madison (1998-2006)

Gen. Surgery, U. of California SF and U. of Michigan at Ann Arbor (2006-13)

Resident in reconstructive  & plastic surgery,  U. of Cali-fornia Los Angeles (2013-16)

Aesthetic Surgery Fellow, University of Texas Southwestern, (2016-17)


Chief Nursing/Medical Nursing Practices Advisor

Mrs. Patricia Glass, RN

Chief Informatics /Intelligence Officer

Mrs. Lauren M. Pluglisi, B.Sc,

Webmaster, IT 

Chief Accounting Officer

Srivanasan Swaminathan

R&D Team, 

Hand Held Applications Development 

Devices  Design & Materials 

Thilina Basaloorya

Wesley Peng



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